Classified Ad Information


Regular Account Customers

All ads are pre-paid. Customers wishing to place ads in person may come to the Yorktown PennySaver's Yorktown Heights office until 4 p.m., Friday of the week before publication. (Note: Deadline for Display Ads is 5:00 p.m. Thursday.)

Classified Ads Online

While customers may place their classified ads online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a Friday, 3:30 p.m. deadline applies for those wishing their ads to appear in the next issue of the Yorktown PennySaver. 

Ads may be called in during the week, but payment must reach our offices by the Friday deadline. Last minute callers should consider charging on Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. Customers may also place their classified ads online via the web site: (The Friday, 3:30 p.m. deadline applies if you wish your ad to appear in the next edition of the Yorktown PennySaver.)

MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover

Customers may charge their ads by calling or by coming in to our offices. Please have your credit card handy when placing your ad. Each charge is verified, however, before an ad can run. The Yorktown PennySaver will attempt to reach those people whose charges are not verified but is not responsible for running ads if the customer cannot be contacted. Classified ads may also be placed online with the use of a credit card.

Business Hours

Monday - Thursday  8:30 to 5:00
Friday  8:30 to 4:00

Yorktown PennySaver Blind Box Numbers

Advertisers can rent Yorktown PennySaver box numbers for responses for their ads. Rates for the box numbers are 12.00 each week.


The Yorktown PennySaver DOES NOT guarantee alphabetization or classification within exchanges, and will not allow credit for ads appearing out of order.

Errors & Omissions

In the event of an error in an ad, credit will only be given for space involved. Errors must be called into our office by the end of the week the ad appears. No credits will be issued on ads more than one week old. Should an ad be omitted, advertisers are entitled to the choice of a refund or to have the ad run in the next issue.

Placement of Reader Ads

Reader ads appear randomly throughout the Yorktown PennySaver. Credit will not be given because of placement.

Publisher's Rights

The publisher reserves the right to refuse and/or cancel any advertisement at any time.

Classified Ads on The Internet

For an additional $5, any classified ad (with the exception of ads placed by real-estate brokers and auto dealers) will remain online for 3 weeks. Real-estate broker and auto dealer ads cost $8 for 3 weeks.

Classified ads from the current print editions of the PennySaver are available through our website. Yorktown PennySaver classified ads appear online for one week at no extra charge. Ads are updated every Wednesday at noon.

*Advertisers may request that their ads be excluded.

Just tell your classified advisor that you'd like your ad to run on the Internet for 3 weeks.

Hybrid Pandemic Distribution

Due to the negative impact of the pandemic on small business we have temporarily adjusted our distribution schedule to a variable model based on Advertiser demand.  Pennysaver is still published weekly with circulation primarily accomplished via digital delivery, email and rack distribution. Periodic mailed circulation available on demand.

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