Credit Application

Download Chase Media Group Credit Application (PDF)


Dear Customer:

Please print the application and complete as per the following instructions. For prompt processing, this application must be COMPLETELY filled out.

  1. We require 3 references that you do business with on a monthly basis
  2. If you choose a credit agency as a reference, you must include your account number.
  3. If you choose a bank as a reference, kindly include a letter with your with your signature authorizing the bank to release credit information to us. Please include your account number and branch location.
  4. Credit card companies and utility companies DO NOT give out credit information. We recommend that you list vendors, suppliers or other advertising media.
  5. Please include COMPLETE ADDRESSES: street, number, state and zip codes.
  6. Please sign the officer's signature box.
  7. The PERSONAL GUARANTEE must be signed (do not print).

Most credit applications take at least three weeks to process. If after that time, you have not heard from us, please feel free to contact the accounting department at (914) 962-3871 to check on the status of your application. Our fax number is (914) 962-6921.

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